Monday, 21 September 2009

Meet my sketchbook project‏

I entered some of my drawing work as part of this 'Meet My Sketchbook' project, and they have featured two pages with my work on, and activities to do that i have put together. The project is to try and encourage the use of sketchbooks in school, something i think is very important as alot of my work is based in my skecthbooks, then i develop ideas from that. Here is a link to my page... take a look ...

And here is there website with more info on ...

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Festival of Quilts 2009 - Birmingham NEC

This was a great experince, met lots of people and saw some great work! Here are some snaps of my stand, my houses and washing line attracted lots of attention!

It's motivated me to get making and creating more work!

Final Major Project- "Chapter 21"

This was my final collection of work. I cretaed 3D stitched, embroidered, collage, mixed-media cardboard houses, inspired by my childhood memories and storytelling.

Hello !

Hi everyone, this is my first blog. Just getting used to this 'blogging' thing.