Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You've got mail.

I recently have been thinking about doing some work based around the 'old school' way of sending information- sending a letter, a proper piece of paper which you receive through your letter box. I have a little collection of old envelopes, letters and stamps that have been specially kept to onside, waiting to be used. I love the idea of snail mail and all the colourful things that I have seen go along with it!- so many cute designs and packaging.
I experimented with a bit of fabric which was lying around, and happened to nicely fall into a shape which caught my eye. I started to stitch and position bits and pieces into this 'fabric letter' and it came together nicely. I also stitched onto it pieces of paper with text, which I had hand typed on my Mr. Olivetti (Lettera 22 typewriter). The use of combining text and words within my pieces I find exciting and give it another form of media. All the fabrics I used in this piece are old scraps, vintage ribbons and bits of lovely leftovers of other materials, that I have been saving, to finish of a perfect personalized gift.

Using the idea of unfolding and opening up a story is exciting and reminds me of when you used to get post as a child, eagerly wanting to know what's inside. . .

What do you think?

                                                          Fabric Love Letter, Feb 2014

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